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The overall relocation of the power plant

More than 14,000 cubic meters of oversized equipment for mechanical equipment transportation and heavy piece transportation

Case Study

In 2013, a power plant in Foshan was relocated to Iraq as a whole, the number and scale are relatively large, more than 14,000 cubic meters of overrun equipment for mechanical equipment transportation and heavy transportation, and more than 40 containers (FCL) for dismantling various parts and accessories to be packed, and the customer requires a non-damaging safe transport from Huangpu to the UMM QUSR port in Iraq, because many of them are large machinery and equipment that are very heavy in a single piece, such as more than 183 tons of heavy equipment on more than 10 pieces, which are ultra-long, ultra-wide, Over-gauge and overweight over-limit OOG equipment.

 Case implementation

To this end, our company has designed and formulated a detailed dismantling, hoisting and door-to-door transportation plan, including dismantling, packing, land transportation, barge transportation, terminal selection and communication, chartering selection of heavy lifting ships, design and loading plan, safe loading and boarding, safe delivery to the port of destination, and specially charter a 10,000-ton heavy crane ship, each step of the operation is very thoughtful, our ten years of experience in special container transportation has also been perfectly reflected here.

  • The name, quantity, size, weight, fragility, corrosiveness and other characteristics of the equipment that needs to be shipped by sea are listed in detail, so as to provide a basis for selecting suitable transport vessels and formulating packaging protection measures.
  • Ship selection: According to the total weight and size of the cargo, choose a ship with sufficient load capacity. Choose the right type of vessel, such as general cargo ship, multi-purpose vessel, etc
  • Cargo packaging and fixing: Use professional ropes, chains, brackets and other tools to securely fix the cargo in the hold of the ship to prevent movement and dumping.
  • Maritime route planning: determine the loading port and unloading port of the cargo, comprehensively consider the sea conditions, weather, voyage distance and other factors, and choose a safe and fast route.

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