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The case of bulk carrier transportation

We have accumulated rich experience in bulk carrier transportation, and have a professional operation team to serve the majority of bulk ship shippers.

Advantages and characteristics of Break Bulk

Yifan International has many years of experience in bulk ship transportation, and this business surpasses its counterparts in Shenzhen, contracting all kinds of vehicles, equipment, steel products, building materials and other bulk cargo and heavy goods by sea. We have fixed liner services in most ports in the Middle East, India and Pakistan, Persian Gulf, South America, and Africa, with stable schedules and extremely competitive prices.

When you choose Yifan, you will have the following quality services:

1). Many gold medal shipowners provide you with sufficient space guarantee and flexible sailing schedule options, and the price is very competitive.
2). Advanced shipping schedule inquiry system and cargo tracking platform, so that you can check the shipping schedule and online inquiry in real time, and the cargo tracking platform allows you to understand the process of land transportation, customs declaration and sea transportation of goods in real time. Our e-commerce will greatly improve the work efficiency and service level of the industry, provide customers with a better service experience, “save time, effort and money”.
3). A team of high-quality shipping experts with many years of experience in bulk ship transportation will tailor a variety of out-of-gauge cargo transportation solutions for you to meet your needs.
4). One-stop service: door-to-door pick-up and inspection, trailer land transportation, bundling, international shipping, customs clearance and door-to-door service at the port of destination

Case implementation

  • Plan the transportation route according to the type, quantity, weight, size, packaging method and other information of the goods.
  • Loading arrangement: loading time, loading method, cargo fixing and lashing.
      1. Negotiate with the port and the shipowner to determine the loading time, and reasonably arrange the loading schedule.
      2. According to the characteristics of the goods and port facilities, choose the appropriate loading method, such as crane loading, conveyor belt loading, etc.
      3. Formulate the fixing and lashing plan of the goods in the cabin to ensure the safety of the goods during transportation.
  • Management during transportation: real-time monitoring of the ship’s navigation position and status through satellite communication and other means. Regularly inspect the condition of the cargo in the cabin, and deal with any abnormalities in a timely manner.
  • Communicate with the port of discharge and the consignee in advance to determine the unloading time. Corresponding to the loading method, choose the appropriate unloading method. Carry out the handover of goods with the consignee to ensure that the quantity and quality of the goods are correct.

Our company has designed and formulated a detailed disassembly, hoisting and door-to-door transportation plan for large-scale transportation, including disassembly, packing, land transportation, barge transportation, terminal selection and communication, chartering selection of heavy lifting large ships, design of loading plan, safe loading and boarding of goods, and safe delivery to the port of destination.

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