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 The case for multimodal transport

It has accumulated rich experience in multimodal transportation to improve transportation efficiency and reduce transportation costs.

Advantages and characteristics of multimodal transport

Shenzhen Yifan multimodal transport special services:

1. Integrated services to improve transportation efficiency
Provide one-stop service from the place of shipment to the place of receipt, and customers only need to communicate and coordinate with one operating entity to simplify the operation process.
 2. Information sharing and collaboration to reduce transportation costs
The use of advanced information technology to achieve information sharing and collaborative operation between different modes of transportation, improve the controllability and transparency of transportation.
 3. Standardization and normalization to reduce the loss of goods
Consistent standards and specifications are followed to ensure smooth connections and operational consistency between different modes of transport.
 4. Policy support
In order to promote the development of multimodal transport, many countries and regions have introduced relevant preferential policies and support measures.
 5. Promote integrated transport development
Promote the coordinated development of railways, highways, waterways, aviation and other modes of transportation and the interconnection of infrastructure.
 6. Adapt to the needs of modern supply chains
It can meet the requirements of modern supply chain for efficient, flexible, reliable and sustainable transportation, and enhance the overall competitiveness of the supply chain.

Case implementation

  • Understand the nature of the goods, the quantity, the distance traveled, the delivery time requirements, etc. Determine the geographic location and traffic conditions of the origin and destination.
  • Evaluate the suitability of modes of transport such as railways, roads, waterways, airways, etc. Considering factors such as cost, timeliness, and characteristics of goods, the optimal combination method is selected.
  • Design a reasonable transportation route, including transit nodes and reloading locations.
  • Choose rail, road, waterway and air transport companies with good reputation and extensive experience. Sign a cooperation agreement to clarify the rights and obligations of all parties.
  • Transportation organization and coordination, transit and reloading operations, customs declaration and clearance, transportation monitoring and risk management.

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