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Company philosophy

Yifan Idea

Always take “customer-centric” as the service concept,

  With the service goal of reducing customer operating costs,

  Based on the win-win service model of cooperation,

  To provide customers with professional, honest, safe, fast.

Bulk vessels, ro-ro ships, multimodal transport services

The customer is the boat, the service is the oar, we are the sail!

“Sails and oars” wholeheartedly provide sincere service for the “boat” to reach the other side of success!

Yifan is customer-oriented, starting from the heart, continuing to provide services that exceed customer expectations, and being a permanent partner of customers, which is the service concept that we have always adhered to and advocated.

Improve the service system, and wholeheartedly provide our customers with more thoughtful, better and faster service!

Satisfaction comes from sincerity! Only if you have a heart will you manage with your heart, do things with your heart, and serve with your heart!

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