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E-commerce system query guide

Realize online booking and cargo tracking services simultaneously

  Yifan International shipping cost inquiry system synchronizes all freight information and shipping costs from various ports in China to ports in the world to the platform for customers around the world to query online, including FCL, LCL and air freight price inquiry of containers, bulk and ro-ro ship price inquiry, barge, trailer, port miscellaneous charges and customs declaration price inquiry, and synchronous realization of online booking and cargo tracking services. The interface diagram of each function is described in detail below.

1.  User login

There are English user login and Chinese user login respectively, and different language interfaces are displayed after login.

A. English User Login

B. Chinese User Login

2.  Main interface
 The picture shows the FCL query interface.

3.  Query function
Customers can easily select the content of each keyword for query, two fields can be queried in both directions, both support fuzzy query, do not need to enter all the content fuzzy query, there is also a shortcut query method of the route, the query method is flexible and convenient.

4. Electronic Booking Feature
The online booking function makes it very convenient for you to entrust booking, without repeated confirmation and communication by phone, fax and email, and you can easily complete the complex booking process on the platform.

 All kinds of booking information are complete, and the terms and conditions are clearly explained.

Online booking management is convenient, and you can edit and save online, submit online, modify online, and check the booking status online at a glance.

5. Cargo tracking function
Cargo tracking allows you to check the transportation status of your entrusted goods at any time according to the tracking number, which is safe and worry-free, and realizes the transparency of services, all under your control

6. User management function
 Change the user’s own password and information.

7. Container LCL price inquiry interface

8. Air freight price inquiry interface

9. Miscellaneous and Ro-Ro ship query interface

10. Inland barge price inquiry interface

11. Trailer price inquiry interface across the country

12. Miscellaneous fee price inquiry interface of major ports in China

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