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OUT OF GAUGE – Oversized containers

Advantages and characteristics of OOG

As a pioneer in the transportation of machinery and equipment in Shenzhen, Yifan International is especially good at the transportation of various major pieces of special specifications OOG (ultra-long, overweight, ultra-high, ultra-wide) machinery and equipment, Yifan International has always adhered to the professional machinery and equipment transportation team, and is committed to building the first platform for machinery and equipment transportation, looking for the best logistics chain solution for customers, meeting customers in the safest and most economical way, and becoming the leader of China’s machinery and equipment transportation!


When should I use this service?

1 、 Definition and status of OOG

       OOG,known as Out Of Gauge,mainly refers to opentop and flatrack container loading oversized cargo.OOG is known well among shipping lines,but is hardly known to freight forwarders.As large machinery and equipment import and export increase,OOG plays an important role in large machinery and equipment transportation,and comes into international ocean freight’s sight.All shipping lines have now organized resource to transport OOG,and in every port,there are a  number of freight forwarders providing OOG(especially open top and flatrack) service.Yifan got involved in OOG transportation in Shenzhen a decade ago,and knows well about the resource scarcity and handling complexity of OOG.Due to imperfection and irregularities in OOG market,it’s significant for customers to carefully choose experienced and resourced freight forwarders to avoid risk and lost.  

2 . Our OOG superiority

  Yifan takes great responsibility for your cargo transportation.If you entrust us your oversized(over-length,over-weight,over-height,over-width) equipments,we will design personalized OOG solution to satisfy your individual demand.
When you choose us,you will enjoy below quality service:
Ⅰ. A number of shipping lines’ guaranteed cargo space and flexible sailing schedule to choose.
Ⅱ. Latest tracing system helps you know well the cargo safety and cargo condition. The Ocean Freight Enquiry System presents you real-time freight rate.Advanced e-commerce system provides you efficient and individual service——time-saving,effort-saving,money-saving.
Ⅲ. Professional specialists with ten years experience design personalized OOG transportation solutions for your requirements.
Ⅳ. One-stop service:picking up onsite,haulage,storage,fastening and loading,unpacking,transship,international shipping,custom clearence,door-to-door service in destination port.

3 . Our OOG experience
 OOG includes open top,plat form and flat rack.
Ⅰ. Open top
Open top(20’OT,40’OT)can load with large equipments,machinery,metal tubes and pipes,glass products and cargoes that are unconvenient for manual handling.
By using a crane,movers safely uplift the equipment and move it into the container from the top of container,then cover the top with a piece of waterproof and oilproof sailcloth,finally fasten the equipment with steel wire rope.The door can be detached for entering the container if further fastening and stuffing is needed.
We recommend open top container for your large piece cargo.We have 20’OT and 40’OT abailable.
Ⅱ. Plat form
If you detach the top and side wall of a general container,you will get a plat form.Sometimes a plat form even is made of a baseplate and four coner columns.This feature make plat form container fully open – ended and extensible.Equipment can be loaded into it from the side or the front or the top.So plat form container is an awsome choose for over-length,over-weight,over-height,over-width equipments and large piece cargoes and irregular cargoes in especial.
Ⅲ. Flat rack
The difference between flat rack and plat form is that flat rack has baffles at the front and rear.Generally,flat rack container is suitable for over-length cargo and heavy cargo,such as heavy machinery,steel,wood, steel ingot. Platform based container is non-waterproof,so it can’t load cargo that is sensitive to water,unless it’s covered with a piece of sailcloth.
We have sum up instructive experience from our years’ practise:
Ⅰ. The top of open top container must be covered by a piece of waterproof and oilproof sailcloth.And cargo inside must be tightly secured by steel wire rope or straps to avoid any movement during transit.And make sure the cracks between strap and cargo is fulfilled with mats to prevent shifting.
Ⅱ. For flat rack,the cargo’s height and width must be limited to within 4 meters,otherwise load it onto a break bulk vessel.
Ⅲ. About stowage on the vessel.When the 40’ flat rack is loaded under the deck,then its cargo’s length must be within 11.65 meters.Because 30 CM must be reserved for guide rail at both ends of container.But you can put 11.9 meters long or even longer cargo into a 40’ flat rack if it is loaded on the deck.20’ flat rack will never be loaded inside the cabin,because there is no guide rail suitable for 20’FR.
Ⅳ. Weight limitation:Net weight and gross weight for 20’FR is respectively 27.7 tons and 31 tons,and 30 tons and 40 tons for 40’FR.
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