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The company has accumulated rich experience in FCL and LCL transportation, and has long-term cooperative relations with COSCO COSCO, MSK, CSCL, EMC, PIL, APL, NYK and other shipping companies.

Advantages and characteristics of FCL and LCL transportation


  Our company has a good cooperative relationship with COSCO, MSK, CSCL, EMC, PIL, APL, NYK and other shipping companies for a long time, which can provide shipping costs from various ports across the country and ensure the space situation in the peak season.
  Our multimodal transport services allow containers to be transferred freely between sea, rail and road, achieving a truly seamless connection. No matter where your cargo starts and ends, we can provide a flexible and convenient one-stop transportation solution.
  At the same time, we also provide you with personalized services, according to the characteristics of the goods, such as temperature control, dangerous goods transportation and other special needs, customized exclusive container solutions. With an advanced tracking and monitoring system, you can know the location and status of your shipments in real time, as if you were seeing it with your own eyes. Our professional team has rich industry experience and is able to deal with all kinds of complex situations to escort your goods.
  Over the years, we have established an extensive service network around the world, worked closely with major ports, undertaken the transportation tasks of many well-known enterprises, and won high recognition and satisfaction from customers. When you choose our container transportation services, you choose an efficient, safe and reliable logistics partner!

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Case implementation

The goal: to achieve high efficiency, low cost, high safety and on-time delivery of container transportation.

  • Route optimization: Use logistics software and data analysis to select the best transportation route, taking into account factors such as road conditions, traffic flow, and transportation distance. Establish good communication with relevant traffic departments, obtain real-time traffic condition information, and adjust routes in time.
  • Combination of transportation methods: According to the characteristics of the goods, transportation distance and time requirements, a reasonable combination of sea, rail and road transportation modes.
  • Container selection and management: According to the type, quantity and size of the cargo, select the appropriate container type (such as TEU, HC, reefer, etc.). The information system is used to track the location and status of containers in real time to achieve efficient scheduling and distribution.
  • Arrival and unloading: When the container arrives at its destination, the consignee is notified that it is ready to be unloaded. Check the condition of the goods, if there is damage or missing, record and deal with it in a timely manner.
  • Collect customer feedback, summarize lessons learned, and provide a basis for subsequent transportation improvements.

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