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 Special cabinet transportation case

We have accumulated rich experience in special container transportation, and have a professional operation team to serve the majority of cargo owners.

Advantages and characteristics of special cabinet transportation

  Yifan International has been involved in the transportation of special containers in Shenzhen 20 years ago, and we have rich experience, and we implement specific professional transportation solutions for different large and oversized goods. 

Years of practice summary of special cabinet precautions:

  • Ensure that the characteristics, size, weight, etc. of the goods are perfectly suited to the type of special cabinet selected. For special goods, such as dangerous goods, perishable goods, etc., it is necessary to strictly comply with relevant regulations and transportation requirements.
  • Due to the relatively small number of special cabinet resources, it is necessary to book in advance to ensure that the cabinet is available during the transportation planning time.
  • Accurately measure the size, weight and other parameters of the goods, and truthfully declare to the transportation company and relevant departments to avoid transportation delays or additional costs due to inaccurate data.
  • Protect your goods from damage with suitable and sturdy packaging materials. Properly secure the goods in the container to prevent them from moving or tipping during transit.
  • Arrange a professional loading and unloading team to use the right equipment and tools for loading and unloading operations.
  • Understand the height, width, and weight limits of the transportation route in advance to ensure that the special cabinet can pass smoothly.

Case implementation

  • Transportation Needs Assessment: Clarify details such as the nature, size, weight, special requirements and more of the goods. Determine the origin, end, and transit time requirements for transportation.
  • Selection of special cabinets: According to the characteristics of the goods, select the appropriate type of special cabinets, such as open top cabinets, flat cabinets, refrigerated cabinets, etc. Ensure that the size and load capacity of the special cabinet can meet the transportation needs of the goods.
  • Transportation route planning: consider factors such as road conditions, height and width limits, and bridge carrying capacity. Choose the optimal transportation route and avoid road sections that are not suitable for special cabinets or are not suitable for special cabinets.
  • Formulation of loading plan: determine the position and fixing method of the goods in the special cabinet. Consider the distribution of the center of gravity of the cargo to ensure stability during transportation.
  • Packaging & Protective Measures, Documentation Preparation, Transport Arrangement, Transport Process Monitoring, Unloading & Delivery
  • Special attention should be paid to the height, width, and weight limits of the transportation route in advance to ensure that the special cabinet can pass smoothly.

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